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Another New Fuzz

by SLW on Nov.17, 2012, under Building Effects, Projects

Here is the latest result of my tinkering with fuzz circuits.  I have been working with fuzz circuits for several months.  I wanted to get into fuzz territory earlier with single coils.   I started with a fuzz face using Si transistors.  I added another gain stage stage at the front of the circuit.  After trying a few things  I ended up with what is basically a Tonebender  MKII.   The are a few differences where I have changed values or omitted a component,  but it is still basically a Tonebender MKII.  It is side by side on the board with the germanium fuzz that I last built.  I am really happy with how the finish turned out.


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New Fuzz Pedal

by SLW on Aug.25, 2012, under Building Effects, Projects

boy it has been a while since I posted.  I have been tinkering with fuzz circuits a bit this summer.  Here is a photo of the Fuzz pedal I just finished. 

I am pretty happy with how it turned out.    It is a modified Fuzz Face.  It has PNP Germanium transistors.  The board has a charge pump IC to create the -9VDC needed.  With this feature you can run it off the same power supply as the rest of your 9VDC pedals.  The PCB will be available soon.   You can build silicon or germanium versions of the circuit using either PNP or NPN transistors.  The board has provisions for several popular mods to the circuit.


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Chorus Project

by SLW on Oct.10, 2011, under Building Effects, diyeffects

I have been tinkering with chorus circuits lately.  Here is the end result on my breadboard.  It is basically a “small clone” chorus.  It is a simple circuit for a chorus and sounds really good.  I have tried it with both a real MN3007 chip and a V3207.   I have started work on a board for it.

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Proto Boards

by SLW on Apr.20, 2011, under Building Effects, diyeffects

I just received some new prototype  boards and wanted to share.  I tried a new supplier and the boards look great!  Fully RoHS compliant with a gold immersion surface finish.  It is hard to see in the photograph but the solder pads have a gold color.  In case you didn’t know, immersion gold plating leaves a Ni-Au finish on the laminate copper of the board.  While it is more expensive, it leaves behind a smooth even surface with excellent soldering properties.  It looks good too!  The larger board is Rev 3 of the TSOD.  I am running low on the Rev 2 boards and wanted to make some changes to the PCB.  The best is provision for 3 on board clipping options.  The smaller board is a new one.  I am calling it “Angst”.  It is on overdrive based on a popular boutique pedal.  Stay tuned. 


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by SLW on Feb.26, 2011, under Building Effects, diyeffects

I have been tinkering with the Univibe circuit.  This mess on my breadboard is a Univibe.   I started with a board made from a layout for the “Forum Vibe“.  Go the the site and download the “Forum Vibe Project” document.  It is full of great information and mods to the circuit.  The componenets on the breadboard are the powersupply for the unit.  Be sure to go to GEOFX and read the article on the technology of the Univibe.  It is absolutely great.  I have tried many of the mods out.  I am very happy with the way it sounds.  I will work on a proper PCB for future release.    SLW

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by SLW on Nov.27, 2010, under Building Effects

I built a Tri-Vibe and wanted to share.  The Tri-Vibe is a circuit developed by the folks over at  I picked up a home made (single sided, no solder mask or silk screen) PCB on one of the forums I visit.  Even though the folks at runoffgroove rank it as a complex build, I thought it was a simple build.  No matching of parts or any adjustments needed.  Definitely more simple than the Univibe clone I have been building.  It has three modes.  The vibrato sound is different than other vibratos that I have heard.  Different but nice.  The “swirl” mode is a mild phaser sound.  The “whirl” mode is different still.  I am not sure how to describe that mode.  Here it is in one of my test enclosures.  I put a circuit in a test enclosure to see if I really like it.  If I really like it, I make a nice enclosure for it.  I will let you know if it finds a permanent place on my pedal board.   -  SLW

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Mammoth Electronics

by SLW on Oct.16, 2010, under Building Effects, reviews

I came across a new parts supplier.  Mammoth Electronics.  I was excited to find another.  They sell enclosures, foot switches and lots of parts that you need for pedals.  The prices seem good too.  Not nearly as huge as Mouser but more focused.  I will order from them and report back.

Boy it has been two months since the last post.  Fall is always a busy time.  I have been spending what little time I have finishing up a build guide for the Muff style boards I am about to put up on the site.  I have also been experimenting with a couple of different overdrive circuits.  I also redid my workbench.  Lots of work.

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Clipping Switch

by SLW on Aug.03, 2010, under Building Effects

Someone asked me how I hooked up the switchable clipping option on the overdrives that I built.  The way I did it was with a DPDT switch.  I hooked up the diodes across the two lugs on one end of the switch.  I hooked the LED’s up across the two lugs on the other end of the switch.  The wire that carries the signal into your switch gets connected to one of the middle lugs on the switch.  The wire that carries the signal out of the switch gets connected to the other middle lug.  The other ends of the wires get connected to either side on D3 on the TS overdrive PCB.  It is easier that it sounds.  Here is a diagram and a schematic.  The diagram shows the back of the DPDT switch.  The black boxes are the solder lugs on the switch.

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Putting Together a Few Overdrives – 3

by SLW on Jul.05, 2010, under Overdrive Pedals, Projects, Uncategorized

Here we have a pedal that has been assembled.  Before I assembled it I had to label the enclosure.  It took me a while to decide how to label it.  I used a mask.  First I etched the labels into the surface of the enclosure with a sandblaster.  Then, without removing the mask, I painted the labels.  The labels turned out pretty good.  After the labels were finished I assembled the stompbox.  It took me a while to decide on the layout.  Once I made up my mind it took me a about two hours to solder it all up.

All put together

There is not a lot of room in the box to solder wires to the PCB.  I got around that problem by soldering all of the wires onto the board before placing it into the box.  Make sure all of your wires are plenty long before you solder them to the board.  After I placed the board into the enclosure I trimmed the extra wire and soldered the ends into place.  I think it works out well this way.  You may have noticed that I added a switch with LED’s and diodes soldered to it.  This gives a couple of clipping options.  They do sound different.  The pedal has some of my favorite mods.  There is more distortion available and it still cleans up.  I also beef up the base response.  It still has a strong midrange hump to the frequency response(it is still a screamer) that is characteristic of this circuit. 

Here is a shot of the finished product.  I am going to sell all four that I have made.  If you want one shoot me an email. 


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My First TS Overdrive

by SLW on Jun.12, 2010, under My Gear, diyeffects

This is the first TS Overdrive I built.  As a matter of fact, it is the first pedal I ever built.  It is serial number one.  It has gone through several changes including three different pcb’s.  Of course it has a few modifications.  It has a full face decal that was applied to blue paint.  The decal is of “The Scream” by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.  I thought it would be fun to have “The Scream” on a Screamer. 


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